URL Search parameters

When you create a URL using the Deploy wizard it contains a number of parameters. Take for example the following URL:

It has three parameters defined: uid, type and width. Below is a list of parameters that Blipstar understands. Feel free to experiment, but be aware incorrect values might cause strange results!

Tip: If a parameter is specified in the URL it will override the setting you have in Configure (e.g. if your default search type is Nearest locations but the URL contains a type parameter of radius (&type=state) the State search type will be used.

uidUnique idBlipstar account idNumber (REQUIRED)
typeSearch typeType of searchnearest, radius, name, regions, all, state, country
valueValueNumber of results to show or search RadiusNumber
searchSearchSearch location (e.g. city or postal code)Text
styleMap styleMap background typestreet, light, dark, satellite, outdoors
widthLocator widthWidth of locatorauto (fits to width of container) or Number (pixels)
tagTags 2Limit results to locations that match this list of tagsList (tags, comma-separated)
tagshowTags to showList of tags to show (dropdown menu or checkboxes)List (tags, comma-separated)
tag2Tags 2Limit map to locations that match the list of tags (second tag set)List (tags, comma-separated)
iconkeyIcon keyLimit icons in key/legend to those listedList (icons, comma-separated)
keywordKeywordShow keyword searchtrue, false
countryCountryCountry of search location (chosen from dropdown menu)Text (country)
countrylistCountry listList of countries to show in the country dropdown menuList (countries, comma-separated)
scSearch countryLimit map to locations with this Country valueText (country)
rcRestrict countriesLimit results to locations with a Country matching this listList (countries, comma-separated)
type2Search type 2If search type is 'show all locations', the type of search within thatnearest, radius, name, regions, state, country
guiSearch interface guiShow a search interface on results pagetrue, false
keyKeyDisplay a key/legend of icon typestrue, false
maxMax resultsMaximum number of results to displayNumber
autolocateAuto-locateForce the auto-locate optiontrue, false
unitsDistance unitsDefine map unitsmiles, km
languageLanguageMap languageen, fr, de, it, es, pt, nl, el, iw
heightLocator heightHeight of locatorNumber (pixels)