"Err... what's that Blipstar name about then?"

A Blipstar is the brightest type of star in the known universe and emits a distinctive pink glow.

Actually... that's not true. We just wanted a name that was easy to remember and hadn't been used before (it's harder than you might think).
We came up with all kinds of weird and wacky ideas, but Blipstar stuck.
If we had known about SEO* it would have probably been called something boring like storelocatorsoftware dot com.

We're glad we didn't though.

* Search Engine Optimization (the stuff techies do to improve a website's page rank)
Shooting star
This is Mr Blip, star of the Blipstar logo. When Mr Blip isn't keeping watch over your store-locator he's a budding actor. Here he invites you to appreciate his expansive yet nuanced emotional range.

Dazzle me
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