Blipstar Customer Feedback

You provide the best customer support ever! Seriously...
Rusty G - - August 2022

Thank you so much for this update. My bosses and I are very happy with what you and your team have done for us.
Tim O - Convergent - May 2021

You guys have great customer service.
Eric P - Weppon & Co - November 2020

Thank you for all your help. I'm officially done with all my changes I needed to make and you have been absolutely amazing. I really appreciate everything.
Julia A - Dental Connect - February 2020

Outstanding! Thanks for the excellent service.
Jerry J - Southern Trust - November 2019

In any case I'm so happy and amazed how responsive you've been... Thanks again, planning to sign up by next week!
Eric N - LA Summer Camps - December 2018

I told my colleague about this and his response was 'Why is everything not run by Blipstar, the world would be a much better place '! Thanks so much for implementing this!
Richard D - Chantry - June 2018

Wow that's great thank you! Look forward to it and I'll keep an eye for it. BTW I left [competitor] to come here, your locator is a 100 times faster!
Jason Z - June 2018

You guys are fantastic. Thanks!
Dan S - JAS - April 2018

Your level of support has been fantastic! If you ever put a 'reviews' page on the Blipstar website I'll definitely give you six stars out of five!
Jim - Servin' USA - January 2018

I heard that Blipstar had great customer service, but now I have experienced it. Thank you for helping me out so swiftly.
Leah - Lil Kickers - October 2017

Fantastic. This really helps. the platform just keeps getting better and better.
Dan S - JAS - August 2017

Thats perfect. I did not expect such a quick fix to be honest. Top Service. Thanks a lot :-)
Phillip M - Vincents Vegan Wagon - August 2017

Truly stellar customer service - Thank you!!

Really appreciate the Icon sort ability, you’re a great company to deal with.
Jon P - Buckley & Philips - June 2017

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but Blipstar customer service is extremely on top of things. Great company. Thanks again!
Sarah - Miss-Jen - May 2017

I really do appreciate all the help and support you've provided. I certainly couldn't have gotten here without you!
Jim N. - May 2017

Many thanks for the prompt assistance - much appreciated.
Len P. - Kikk - Apr 2017

Thank you very much for the help – this customer support is fantastic.
Sarah - Miss-Jen - Mar 2017

Yes thank you so much, that did it! I appreciate all of your help, my client will as well! Super pleased and impressed with your product!
Jordan H - KH Complete - Feb 2017

Thank you. Great service :-)
Nick B - AJS Ltd - Dec 2016

Thanks for all the stellar support (see what I did there?)!
Jesse M - Networks 2000 - Aug 2016

Thank you so much! FYI...we love your Blipstar Locator.
Amy E - Innovative Outdoor Solutions - Aug 2016

Thank you so much for all of your help. We’re launching this on our website Monday!
Keith I - ChiroHealth - July 2016

Brilliant! Thank you Paul. Lovin BlipStar.
Nick B - AJS Ltd - July 2016

Thank you for all your help! Much appreciated!
Andreea B - Bayshore - July 2016

Thanks a lot for the quick service!
Zachary E - July 2016

Awesome. Thanks for your help.
Steve De W - HCP - June 2016

Fabulous!! Works a treat. Thank you very much.
Jennifer C - Buggy Pitstop - May 2016

Great job on the deployment wizard. Got my map on facebook in seconds. The switch account button is sweet too! Thanks so much. Keep up the great work!
Steve S - Ortho America - Apr 2016

Wow. You’re awesome!
Matt O - NCCC - Mar 2016

This is fantastic! Thank you so much for your help. We now have this working perfectly! As mentioned before we will be making another pro account for my clients new project.
Connor B. - PatchHosting - Jan 2016

Your support and customer service is amazing!
Hashila G - Hearing Care Shop - Jan 2016

You are awesome on response! ... I love this service. Thank you.
P. Derkevics - Design By Derk - Dec 2015

I really can't remember the last time I have been so pleased with a software. Customer service has been above and beyond my loftiest expectations as this and/or feature shows.
I. Shahin - Oct 2015

Everything looks great and up and running! Thanks so much for your help and promptness.
Marlee J - Swiftwick - Oct 2015

Awesome, yes it makes a lot of sense. I will test it out. Tks for the stellar support
Fred R - Sep 2015

Thanks! I'm so impressed with the features in your software.
I. Shahin - Sep 2015

Wow that is awesome! Thank you so much for the prompt reply and great service. I was wondering if there is an option somewhere for me to give positive feedback, either for the service as a whole or for the customer service, etc. My coworkers are really impressed with the support we have gotten.
J.F. Fournier-Héroux - Innomar - Aug 2015

Thank you very much. You all provide great service and great customer service.
Guy M - AlkalineWater - Jul 2015

First of all, your tool is great and it is the best thing out there for store locations.
Matt P - RenderTribe - Jul 2015

I just want to say that I love your guys software, it was very easy to use, and you now have a longterm customer. Great job to everyone!
AS - Anacara Social - Apr 2015

You guys rock! That will be a great improvement.
Dan G - Ancient Art Fibres - Mar 2015

Thank you so much! Your prompt, friendly service is always appreciated!
Katherine E - Fox Pool - Mar 2015

I hope you are posting my comments on your testimonial page. You guys really are amazing. Love this web site!
Lenny L - IH Corp - Feb 2015

Thanks for your great product.
Oziel C - Alkaine Water - Jan 2015

I showed your reply to my coworkers and they were very impressed with the speed at which you replied and the fact that you will actually add the requested feature to your product!
Jean-Francois F-H - Jan 2015

Looks awesome!
L. DuPont - LRS Foods - Dec 2014

I commend you and yours for a great product. I have worked with a lot of start-ups app wise, and yours is a great product.
J. Robinson - Yankee Folly - Nov 2014

You guys are amazing. I’m really looking forward to becoming a paying customer when we hit the 25 location limit.
Matthew W. - Edge Wellness - Oct 2014

Thanks - first time I have used Blipstar and it’s working very well - good product!
Len P. - Kikk - Oct 2014

YESSSSSS!!!! Thank you, wizard!
Erika R. - D M Flooring - Sep 2014

You are a rock star!
Linda E. - CaseManagementSocialWork - Sep 2014

Thanks for getting back to me. Excellent work. Very impressed as always.
Robbie G - ProductInstaller - Jul 2014

Brilliant – great service!
E. Towers - Mooncup Ltd - Jun 2014

Thank you. Very quick and efficient service!
E. Whittaker - Insignia Bathroom Solutions - Mar 2014

Your customer service is really fantastic! I really appreciate the responsiveness.
K. Mcilvaine - US. NSCC - Jan 2014

Thank you so much for all your help, your customer service is AWESOME!
T. Counselman - OTZ - Nov 2013

Thanks! I really appreciate your quick fixes and suggestions to the system. It makes me happy to know I chose the right solution for our business.
K. Kitoe - Gas Trailer - Nov 2013

I have one thing to say - 'you're the bomb dot com' this script worked perfectly thank you so much
M. Maldonado - Car West Autobody - Nov 2013

Wohooo! it all works. Thank you again for the assistance, it is very much appreciated!
D. Lofaro - IMKF - Oct 2013

And tell me where to sign your praises? Love your service and your ability to respond to these requests.
E. Stojakovich - Leo Burnett Experience Design - Aug 2013

Thanks so much... What a great service you offer
X. Rojas - Panda Windows - Jul 2013

Thank you for the fast response. Working now. Perfect!
K. Wilson - Gastrailer - Jun 2013

Oh legend! Thank you very much. Greatly appreciated.
R. Wilson - Animal - Jun 2013

YOU'RE AMAZING!! Thankyou!
B. Bennett - Omniderm - Apr 2013

Thank you SO much for getting back to me so quickly! I love great customer service!
L. Baker - Callas Distribution - Apr 2013

Brilliant - working perfectly. Not sure what you did but as it's 1am now, I am just very happy it is working. Much appreciated
P. Reynolds - Boray Designs - Apr 2013

Perfect, looks great! Thank you for the quick response!
L. Taylor - Bubbles - Jan 2013

Thanks for your help. Great Product.
T. Samuels - Salterra - Nov 2012

I looked at your updated site and it looks great!
M. Libman - United Medical Credit - Nov 2012

...thank you for your response; the maps work great and we definitely made the right choice by going with your solution.
L. Miah - Coast Dental Services - Oct 2012

Fantastic!! I will certainly be recommending this to friends with similar businesses.
Outasight VB Ltd - C.Olsen - Mar 2012

Brilliant, it works like a charm! Thanks so much!
O. Kristiansson - Clas Ohlson - Feb 2012

Great customer service is something we pride ourselves on. When you have a question regarding your store locator we do our very best to answer it. And on the rare occasions when something goes wrong, we go above and beyond to put it right.
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