Novel ideas for using Blipstar

Going beyond the Store locator!

Just because Blipstar is an ideal store locator tool for businesses it doesn't mean that's all it can be used to create. As you have so much control over every aspect of your account then it can be used for all sorts of location services - basically anything where people need to enter a zip code, post code, city or address to get a list of nearest 'things' (where 'things' is whatever you like). Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing...

Blipstar can help you help your visitors answer any number of location dependent questions
“Find your nearest WonderProduct Stockist”
“Find your local ACME Sales Rep”
“Find your nearest Hospital specializing in Brain trauma”
“Find your nearest ACME Medical Center”
“Find your nearest Local Government Approved Taxi firm”
“Find your local ACME Delivery firm”
“Find your nearest ACME Charity retailer”
“Find a nearby ACME reward scheme participating restaurant”
“Find your nearest hotel or motel that accept ACME coupons”
“Find your local Baptist Church”

If it involves geographic places, you can probably achieve what you're looking for with Blipstar.

And if you're a non-profit organization, you can get 15% off when you Upgrade.
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