Joomla store locator set-up guide

This simple guide explains how you can display your Blipstar store locator inside a Joomla 1.6.x or above (include Joomla 2.x and 3.x)) powered site. Basic knowledge of Joomla is assumed but it is very easy to do and should take less than five minutes to set up. The screenshots below show the key steps for adding a Google maps powered Blipstar store locator in the most recent versions of Joomla. The things you need to do are highlighted in pink.


  • Log in to the Joomla Administration Panel
  • Go to Menus > [the menu you want to use] > Add New Menu Item
  • In the Details panel, click on "Select" for the Menu Item Type
  • Choose Wrapper (Iframe Wrapper)
  • Enter a Menu Title (e.g. Store Locator)
  • Make sure the Status is set to Published
  • In the Basic Options panel, enter your Blipstar URL:
  • In the Scroll bars parameters panel, set Scroll Bars to No, enter the Width as 805 and the Height as 505
  • Click "Save & Close"
  • Whenever you make a change to your store locator, make sure you refresh the iframe on your Joomla store locator page to see the latest version

Step 1

In Administration, select the Menu you want your locator added to and select Add New Menu Item (in this example the menu is called Australian Parks)
Joomla Step 1

Step 2

Choose the Iframe Wrapper item type
Joomla Step 2

Step 3

In Details enter a Menu Title and check the Status is set to Published.

In Basic Options enter your unique Blipstar locator URL
Joomla Step 3

Step 4

Select Scroll bars parameters, set the Scroll Bars value to No and enter the Width and Height values as recommended by Blipstar.

Click Save & Close
Joomla Step 4

Step 5

On the site your locator should be available via the menu you chose
Joomla Step 5
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